Verisafe, a range of unique heat shrink films

Solicom offers you Verisafe, a range of unique heat shrink foils with outstanding characteristics. Designed for the industrial sector as well as for private users, Verisafe comes with all the necessary accessories for foil installation, as well as complete Solicom customer service.



Bidirectional shrinking

During production, the chosen extrusion dies allow us to manufacture a film that shrinks evenly in the direction of extrusion (unwinding direction of the roll) as well as in a transversale direction.

This unique property gives Verisafe heat shrink foils exclusive shrinking power and remarkable hold over time. The results are therefore reliable in the long term and fully protected against adverse weather conditions. We guarantee the resistance of our Verisafe FR films of more than 250µm and our Standard films to more than 280µm facing winds up to 60 mph and have experienced an effective resistance to gusts of 110 mph in the field.

Welding properties

Welding is an essential parameter of the foil performance. It should occur naturally and be reliable in the long term, without the applicator being burdened or becoming faulty due to the versatile behaviour of the film.

Thanks to our production process, our unique formulation and dedicated extruder, our shrink foil welding temperature is reduced by 10° in comparison to its competitors. This exclusive property saves considerable time during film application and strongly reduces the risk of puncturing during the welding process.

Puncture resistance

Faced with the toughest tests in the laboratory, but especially in the field, our Verisafe foil has proven its exceptional resistance to punctures. Its inflation rate and chemical composition boasts the best results on the market.

UV ray stability

Our different Verisafe foils meet the UV ray exposure requirements. Depending on the composition, our shrink foil offers stability to UV rays from 3 to more than 15 months for 130 Langley (i.e. South of France), and from 2 to 4 years for 70 Langley (e.g. Benelux). This choice of formulation and additives does not degrade the mechanical performance of the foil or its weldability.

Fire classification

See Certifications:

France: M1, UK: LPS, Germany Benelux: B1


Width <= 8m :our rolls are easily handled by 1 or 2 people. Their weight is between 35 kg and 45 kg and are packaged in pallets of 20 to 36 rolls.

Width >= 8m : our large size rolls weigh between 78 kg and 155 kg and are packed in pallets of 6 to 16 rolls.