Solicom, the global reference for large-width flame retardant shrink films

Verisafe, high-quality foils for all sectors

With 35 years of experience in polyethylene foils, Gommaar Timmermans, chemist by training, pioneered extra wide and flame retardant shrink foils in 1999 through his company Solicom S.A..

Today, thanks to Verisafe foils, we have been able to distinguish ourselves within the industry and consolidate our position as a world leading brand VERISAFE. Our certifications are adapted to each country, allowing us to meet the highest standards for our customers, particularly regarding the risk of fire hazards. Our certifications.

Verisafe, foils that meet the highest standards

Solicom has established itself in the industry as a privileged partner of companies that promote excellence. Efficient and innovative, Verisafe foils meet the highest level of requirements in the fields of containment, large volume packaging, industry, construction, renovation and winterisation of boats.

In this dynamic market, Solicom is constantly innovating and offers an unparalleled range of standard and fire retardant foils, with a nominal thickness of 50 to 320 µm and a width of 6m up to 16m.

Because of technological progress, the increasing demands in terms of safety, fire protection and ecology on construction sites our shrink-wrapping film is by far the best designated product. It is essential to make the right technical choices and to set up the necessary cooperation to process the project successfully.

Our expertise and success lie in the control and the management of these most important factors. We share and exchange our experience through close cooperation with our customers.



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