An industry that respects the principles of sustainable development and Clean Sweep program

All our products are designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and “Operation Clean Sweep”.

Just like our raw material, polyethylene, our industry strives to be environmentally friendly.

Polyethylene, which makes up our foil, is composed of carbon and hydrogen. Chemically inert, it does not release any harmful substances into the environment and is completely recyclable.

Our Verisafe thermoplastic foil is also entirely recyclable. After use, the bales are collected by specialized companies, then the waste is crushed, fortified and processed into granules that will themselves be turned into new products destined for personal or industrial consumption.

Our partners for recycling

The ecological aspect of the Verisafe foil goes beyond the product itself and is also reflected in how it is used.
The high quality containment it offers, guaranteeing a sealed and waterproof space protects the environment from the dispersion of harmful substances (present in certain paints, during asbestos removal, sandblasting, or cleaning facades).



Operation Clean Sweep®

A new challenge is posed to the planet, waste, especially plastic, rejected by humans in the oceans. Everyone must take responsibility, so that everyone’s quality of life is improved. Solicom wants its production to be “responsible” by actively participating in the fight against the loss of granules of raw material.

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