Scaffold shrink wrap

When it comes to scaffolding, using heavy duty scaffold shrink wrap is of the utmost importance. Scaffold encapsulation demands certain qualities from the shrink film or scaffold wrap you use to encapsulate a construction site or building. Solicom delivers products that help you master projects of all sizes. Using heat shrink wrap creates a perfectly contained environment. No wind or rain can enter. No dust or sand will escape.

Scaffold shrink wrap

Properties of Verisafe scaffold shrink wrap

Over the years we have fine-tuned the production process of our scaffold shrink wrap. Our clients have always been a crucial element through their feedback. Therefore, we have become the market leader in scaffold shrink wrap for scaffold encapsulation. Since the start, we have created a relation of reflection and action with our partners.

Solicom first entered the market in Belgium and the UK. Our products needed to withstand heavy weather. Today the Verisafe brand has built up a strong global reputation. Some major benefits of our scaffold wrap are:

  • High puncture resistance. Its inflation rate and chemical composition boast the best results on the market.
  • Fire retardant qualities. Solicom has all the certifications to back up this claim.
  • Withstanding winds over 100 km/h (field experience has shown wind resistance up to 180 km/h)

The Verisafe film gives you the confidence to get any job done. We’ve listened to our clients to create solid partnerships over the years. This provided us with the knowledge to further improve our heat shrink foils specifically engineered for scaffold encapsulation.

Scaffolding bridge wrap
Scaffolding bridge wrap

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Scaffolding shrink wrap

You achieve the best results when using the best accessories. Use the correct shrink wrap heat gun, follow instructions and we will set you up to cover your scaffolds skin-tight.

As market demand keeps evolving, so does the Verisafe product range. We developed heat shrink wrap for effective scaffolding, paint protection, and many more applications. Solicom’s research and development is steered by client demand. You encapsulate scaffolding, you know best what’s needed in high quality scaffold shrink wrapping.

Because client demand determines our improvements, we have become a market leader. Heat shrink plastic comes in a variety of categories. It is our goal to provide every business with the right heat shrink plastic. Tell us what you need, and we’ll get to work and produce it.

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Think green with scaffold wrapping

Scaffold encapsulation and heat shrink wrap are a perfect combination. But did you know it is the greenest solution available? The polyethylene we use comprises carbon and hydrogen. No harmful substances are used to produce your heat shrink plastic wrap.

Verisafe scaffold shrink wrap is chemically inert and completely recyclable. The quality we produce can be reused, making it more ecological than other solutions. This means it is possible to choose quality without sacrificing your ecological goals.

Order Verisafe scaffold wrap now

Last-minute assignments are often inconvenient. You have to scramble contractors, materials, and other resources in very little time. With Solicom at your side, finding sufficient industrial grade scaffold shrink wrap on short notice won’t be a problem. Our stock is large so we can deliver a variety of products fast whenever you’re on a deadline. We can produce less frequent colours and sizes on demand.

Our clients come in all sizes. We help large corporation’s and we are also a trusted partner for small businesses around the globe. All clients get the same top-quality heat shrink plastic. Scaffold encapsulation is a prime example of the many possibilities of shrink wrap.

Scaffolding wrap

Solicom has been around for a long time. During this time, we have established solid partnerships. It’s these partnerships that help us understand the market and its specific demands. We’ve custom-made Verisafe film to meet all your requirements concerning scaffold wrapping and encapsulation.

We are dedicated to innovation. You can help us by presenting us with the challenges you face daily. This allows us to create the best products possible for you. If it’s quality you want, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team is ready to hear your questions. We’ll guide you through our range of products. Don’t be afraid to make any special requests concerning heat shrink wrap.

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